Wearable relief

Train your body to fight stress with Lief smart patch.

Listen to the heart

Listen to your heart

Lief is a discreet biosensing patch that measures your heart and breath. Lief teaches you to control your body's natural stress response through gentle, safe biofeedback exercises. Reduce triggered responses and keep mindful and in control throughout your day.

The power of self-regulation

The power of self-regulation

Use Lief throughout your day to improve your self-regulation. Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and positively control your behaviors, emotions and thoughts in-the-moment. When you’re upset, you can calm yourself down. When you’re down, you’re able to pick yourself back up. These resiliency skills are trained with Lief.

Reduce anxiety when it's happening

Anxiety creates knee-jerk responses to triggers, increasing heart rate and shallow breathing. When wearing your Lief, learn to calm your mind, pay attention to your body’s state, and voluntarily control your heart, breath, and mindset.

Choose a routine, then go

Set a routine and train the mental and physical skills to improve self-regulation. Short daily sessions take less than 3 minutes and can be done anywhere at anytime.


Learn to control your heart rate with concentration and focus to increase your performance.


Develop a calmer nervous system and mental state that’s more resilient to external events.


Reinforce your own unique practice or exercises from your coach or therapist with a gentle nudge.


Reinforce healthy deep breathing to relax the mind and keep calm throughout your day.

Train in the context of your life

Train in the context of your life 1 Train in the context of your life 2 Train in the context of your life 3 Train in the context of your life 4

No screens needed

Lief uses vibration to communicate the state of the body. Put your phone away and use Lief anywhere, discreetly.

Measure what matters

Insight into the body

Insight into the body

The Lief measures heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV) and breathing to recognize stress and anxiety patterns. Carefully engineered, Lief offers precision that other trackers can't match.

Use your Lief Health Score to track daily progress and practice exercises based on your body's needs.

Insight into the Mind

Insight into the Mind

Developed with Stanford and UCSF clinicians, the Lief support app helps you record your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and sensations. Combine with the Lief to uncover and untangle thinking patterns that are negatively affecting your body.

  • Thought Records
  • Progress reviews
  • CBT interventions toolkit
  • Audio exercises
  • Mood rating

Take the next step in personalized care

Self-Care Management

Self-Care Management

We offer the Lief device combined with AI coaching support to make sure you get the best possible outcome. Your coach will guide you in understanding core concepts, engage you in personalized exercises, and support you in getting the most from your Lief. For eligible plans, we check in weekly to help you stay on track.